The procedure for the valuation and placing an order on the Drukarnia Designer website

Selection of the offer

Select the product category you are interested in by clicking on the product image from the offer or promotions tab.

ps For an immediate quote, click the calculator icon right next to the product image.

Choice of formats While in the product category, select the required format.

The next step is valuation. Here, you should decide on the date of completion, the type of raw material, colors, circulation and many other parameters that affect the final result and the price of the product.

Each time when selecting from the list, you can use the online help on a given topic by clicking on the red icon with the letter "i"

In the comments field, you can enter all necessary information to be taken into account during the execution of the order.

The system calculates the total weight of the order, which makes it easier to assess the scale of the order.

If you want to save a given price offer in order to have access to it later, click on the button save the price, in order to save it so that you have access to it after closing the browser, log in to the website after registering.

We can print the offer at any time using the print offer button or notify a friend with the help of the adjacent button.

If you want to continue the ordering procedure, click + to the basket.

Downloading product mockups

During the pricing of the product, you can download or view an auxiliary product mock-up for design purposes by clicking on the view or download front / back buttons, depending on your needs.

The mockup is in the form of a 72 dpi bitmap and it should be loaded into the graphic program without scaling and adhered to its description and dimensions during the design process.


In the basket, select the method of delivery and payment method, we can return to continue shopping at any time to add additional products to the basket.

After setting the necessary selections, if you want to continue the ordering procedure, you should decide whether we already have an account at Drukarnia Designer or we are there for the first time.

In the case of the first visit, we will be redirected to the registration form where all the details of the ordering party should be provided.

Completion of registration After completing the registration procedure, we can return to the basket to place an order or continue adding products to the basket.
Submit your order After returning to the basket, click "Place an order"
Order submission summary

After placing the order, you will see an order confirmation, a copy of which you will receive by e-mail provided during registration.

The summary includes all details regarding the payment for the order and includes a number of useful links such as:

  • download proforma invoice
  • upload the file it now
  • regulations of the website and graphic studio
  • monitor the status of the order
  • monitor shipment status
  • download free artwork
My account

In the "my account" tab you can

  • check the status of your current orders
  • pay for online orders
  • give opinions on already completed orders
  • re-order works that were carried out in the past
  • check and print your invoices
  • order a company catalog
  • order product samples
  • e.t.c.
Happy ordering from the Designer team :) Drukarnia Online