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Ad Clipboard


General characteristics
Clipboard pads / clipboards with a logo that are widely used at all conferences are made of 2 mm thick cardboard, on which we stick sheets printed and laminated with foil. The outer veneer is larger and overlaps the inner veneer about 10-15 mm on each side, forming a kind of frame. We mount a chrome clip to hold the sheets on the upper middle part. Our products are characterized by high aesthetics and quality of workmanship.

Individual high-quality color printing (CMYK) can be different on each page or on both sides. Optional printing in special Pantone colors. Thanks to the use of various printing technologies, we can produce boards with a clip in any quantities ranging from 5 pieces, which are the minimum production.

- Courier.
- Pallet forwarding.

Shipping method:

- To the customer.
- Neutral to the end customer (commissioner = sender). Drukarnia Online