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The application process for car advertising.
Ready advertising on the car.
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ADVERTISING TO A CAR - we will take care of your image

Drukarnia Designer will comprehensively service you in the field of advertising car stickers.

Advertising car wrapping takes place in a closed heated room in which a special system keeps the air humidity at a constant level, allowing to exclude electrostatic charges attracting dust. Wrapping is performed by trained staff at courses from the foil application. All this allows us to ensure high quality regardless of the season.

The printing house has its own closed, monitored parking and protection of the entire facility , thanks to which your cars left to be covered will be safe.

Advertising on a car can consist of simple information such as logo + contact details or contain any pictures that will cover even the entire vehicle. The customer decides what character of the ad suits him.

We print advertisements for the car in photographic quality on specialized foils (poured) that adapt to the surfaces to be glued - even those with a difficult shape. The printed film is then secured with a laminate to ensure longevity and resistance to the daily use of the vehicle. In the case of windows, we use a "one way vision" film - it is a perforated material that provides a decent window visibility despite the advertising graphics appearing on it from the outside, in this case we do not recommend using wipers.

Full color allows you to place company logos, photos and graphics and gives you unlimited possibilities when designing.

Sharpness - Printing from a high resolution solvent machine with modulated point size, saturated colors, very sharp print.

Colors - We use our own professional color profiles created using a spectrophotometer for each medium on which we print, thanks to which colors are correctly mapped and consistent with other advertising materials ordered from us.

If you do not have a ready-made advertisement for a car, our professional graphic studio will prepare it for you, serving professional knowledge and practical experience.

We provide reasonable deadlines with the possibility of shortening them at a surcharge, if you are in a hurry to do your car on a day-to-day basis, and even within a few hours, details are available in the spreadsheet.

Contact us, we will certainly advise and prepare an individual price offer.