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What do you gain?

Quality - print resolution up to 1200 DPI allows you to apply shades so that the print can contain photographs, graphics and very small and thin letters.

Multicolor - a special construction of the elastic allows obtaining multicolour seals.

Cleanliness - a modern stamp in Flash technology will not get your hands dirty like rubber stamps and a pillow.

Durability - stamps after one filling, reaching even up to 50,000 prints (depending on the printing surface). After use it can be easily refilled many times.

Speed - instant implementation even when you wait without compromise.

Longevity - the image fixed on the elastic is not convex, so it is not exposed to accelerated abrasion and loss of sharpness.

Reliability and miniaturization - flash technology eliminates the need for a cushion, so you do not need a rotating mechanism that sometimes fails and takes up a lot of space.