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Preparation of the sticker design as a PDF for printing.
1. first page PDF - sticker design.
2. second page PDF - cutting line.
3. result of the imposition of both sides.
A method for providing self-adhesive surface cut labels on sheets
We manufacture self-adhesive stickers on film and paper in any shape and size.
Self-adhesive labels for chemical products
Self-adhesive labels for food products
Type approval labels
Stickers on the housing

Self-adhesive stickers and labels

For printing of stickers , a design in PDF format should be provided in a size compatible with the mock-up of the product ordered. The mock-up for the project and its description are available on the left side of the product configurator. If you do not have your own design, you can order it in our printing house. The time needed to complete the project is added to the term given in the product configurator.

The design for a sticker with a shape other than a rectangle should be prepared in such a way that on the first page of the PDF file there is a sticker design and on the other a contour of the pattern. The contour position responsible for cutting on the second page should correspond to the position of the sticker design placed on the first page of the PDF.

For the printing of stickers, we offer a variety of substrates, such as glossy and matt coated adhesive paper, uncoated self-adhesive paper, glossy and matte self-adhesive foil. These materials are characterized by different adhesion to the substrate and resistance to prevailing conditions.

The labels of self-adhesive stickers are printed in the Euroscala CMYK full color palette.

Self-adhesive stickers can have a different shape. Stickers with a shape other than a rectangle are delivered on A3 / A4 sheets or separately on rectangular sleepers with a notch shape of the sticker on the surface of the film. Rectangular stickers can be supplied in stacks or on A4 / A4 sheets.

We also offer a sticker on the security foil - crumbling when trying to peel. These types of stickers can be found in the category of warranty seals.