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User manuals printed on request

The Designer Printing House offers comprehensive printing of black and white and color manuals.

What kind of paper do we use in printing the instructions?

We print the manuals on proven raw materials used by large manufacturers of furniture, clothing, electronics, toys, etc.
Bulky wood (fluff) papers are well filled so that the text does not show through to the other side. In addition, this paper has a low basis weight, which makes the printed instructions light.

What format do we print the manuals in?

We provide printing of instructions in industrial offset technology in A, B and C formats, e.g. A6, B6, C6, A5, B5, C5, etc.
At the customer's request, we can also produce instructions in other non-standard formats.

How are the operating instructions bound?

The printed multi-page manuals can be folded, sewn or glued depending on the volume. Folded operating instructions can be made for volumes of 4-8 pages. For volumes 4-64, they are sewn with wire. Volume over 64 pages are glued.
Ready manuals are delivered in multi-layered cardboard boxes.

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