Terms & Conditions of rendering graphic design services


§1 Definition of the scope of the graphic design service

The base price quoted in the offer includes rendering the design, understood by: formatting and arranging elements on the page, suggestion of the background and decorative graphics, rendering everything to a legible and effective form.

Hence, the price does not include the following, extra charged, services:

  • transcription of text from the paper to the electronic form.
  • scanning
  • taking photographs of supplied products
  • searching for photographs, clip-arts and similar materials
  • clipping elements of the photographs out of the background
  • making composite photographs and more advanced digital photo and image processing
  • clipping the logo out from the background and vectorization of the logo
  • drawing more complex vector forms of any kind, i.e. pictograms, drawings, symbols
  • drawing road-access maps


§2 Definition of the pricing quotation

The initial price provided in the offer is subject to change in case of modifications of the supplied materials and/or concept at the stage of design. The permissible, free of charge, modifications may be simple changes like typographical errors correction, slight changes in the layout of the elements, with no major changes of size in those elements. For the pricing of particular modifications, refer to §1, §3, §10.


§3 Requirements regarding the materials supplied

The person commissioning the completion of the graphic design is obliged to supply a set of necessary materials in a legible and coherent form. The materials include:

  • the entire text to be placed in the project, ie. all content, information, slogans, company data, etc.
  • photographs
  • logos
  • maps
  • other possible materials for the use in the project.

All materials supplied by the Commissioner must be verified and final. Each modification in the course or after completion of the designing process will increase the workload and will raise the settled base price.


§4 Method of supplying text

Text should be supplied in the electronic, editable form (e.g. .doc, .txt., e-mail, etc). If the text is supplied on paper, transcription is extra charged [vide §1].


§5 Method of supplying graphic elements

Photographs, logos and other materials (images, graphics, etc.) should be supplied in the electronic form.

Photographs - recommended resolution is no less than 250 dpi (at final or larger dimensions)

Logo - should be supplied in the vector (scalable) format, such as Corel, PDF, EPS, AI. It is possible to supply the logo in the bitmap file, at the resolution no less than 300 dpi (at final or bigger dimensions), however it will then be positioned on a white background or in a rectangular frame with a white background. If it is necessary to clip the white background out, an extra charge will be added [vide §6]

If the photographs or logos are supplied on paper, scanning and processing are extra charged [vide §1].


§6 No appropriate photographs for the project

If the commissioner does not possess appropriate photographs for the project, it is recommended to use free or paid internet services, to be found at www.bluevertigo.com.ar/bluevertigo.htm
At the request of the Commissioner, DESIGNER Onlineprinting company can search and make accessible photographs appropriate for the project, at extra charge [vide §1].


§7 Indications of the expectations of the design

Apart from the materials, the Commissioner is obliged to present a visual model of the design (a piece of paper with description, or a text document) containing the positioning of each element of the design, such as text, logos, photographs, maps, etc, and/or supply DESIGNER Onlineprinting company with possibly the most information regarding the expectations about the colors, or the general outlook of the designed material. All preliminary remarks will assist in completing the project quickly and with no time wasted making corrections by both sides. Thus, the concept of the Commissioner must be well-thought-of beforehand. Each modification in the course of or after completion of the project will increase the workload and will raise the settled base price. If the commissioner does not have a concept, they can turn to a graphic designer. They must then be prepared for additional charges in case of time-consuming corrections and modifications to the suggested version of the project.


§8 Method of supplying corrections

After reception of a ready version of the design, the Commissioner must verify it (check the content and the appearance) and prepare a list of corrections to make. The list of corrections should be clear and coherent, as well as sent as a whole, in one e-mail, or delivered to the DESIGNER Onlineprinting company. If the Commissioner formulates the corrections in an illegible and chaotic way, sends them in parts or the subsequent corrections are contradictory to the previous ones, additional charges for extra workload are calculated. If the corrections require a modification of previously accepted solutions, an extra charge is calculated [vide §2, §3]


§9 Acceptance of the project and responsibility

The Commissioner is obliged to verify the entire content for errors, both editor or factual errors, as well as the appearance of every suggested version of the project sent. If the commissioner does not formulate corrections, the project is accepted by sending an e-mail confirming the acceptance of the submitted design, or by signing acceptance form in the DESIGNER Onlineprinting company. After the acceptance by the Commissioner, the entire responsibility for errors in the printed work which were not indicated at the stage of design remains with the Commissioner.


§10 Additional services charges

The cost of additional services and extra charges listed in §1 - §8 depends on the time spent rendering the given service and amounts to PLN 50 net + VAT per hour of work. Each extra charge is estimated in advance by the DESIGNER Onlineprinting company and the Commissioner is informed of it before performing the service to which it is related.


§11 Design work in the presence of the commissioner

The cost of design in the presence of the Commissioner (in the DESIGNER Onlineprinting company) is calculated independently from the project price and amounts to PLN 50 net + VAT for every hour of work. The cost of the project can be replaced with the work cost expressed in hours under the condition that the project is worked on in the presence of the Commissioner from the beginning till the end.


§12 Copyright to the materials supplied by the Commissioner

The Commissioner declares that all materials supplied by them to the DESIGNER Onlineprinting company for the completion of the project are their property or they hold the right to use them. If the materials supplied infringe the copyright law (i.e. they are a property of a third party and are used without their consent), the Commissioner is fully liable for the infringement.
DESIGNER Onlineprinting company reserves the right to refuse to make use of the materials supplied by the Commissioner if it can be suspected that they are not being used in accordance with the law.


§13 Copyright to the completed project

Pursuantt o the Act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and related rights (Dz.U. 1994 No. 24 pos. 83) the source file of the project is property of the DESIGNER Onlineprinting company. The Commissioner is entitled to make of the project completed to his order for printing or to receive a fixed TIFF format bitmap file at the resolution of 300 dpi or any higher. If the Commissioner wishes to obtain the source file of the project for modification otherwise than through the DESIGNER Onlineprinting company, he must purchase the copyright. The cost of the completion of the graphic design does not entitle the Commissioner to claim the source files (i.e. the composition file for the use in programs for desktop publishing such as Corel, Adobe, etc.). DESIGNER Onlineprinting company will archive the completed graphic designs free of charge and, if re-use is necessary, it will provide to the Commissioner with them for design purposes.

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