Designer is one of the first online printing services in Poland, with the beginnings of its activity going back to 1995.

Thanks to the continual analysis of the market and its needs, we are able to present an online service offer specifically tailored to our Clients' needs. The investments in the ever-advancing technologies and better equipment allowed us to eliminate the man-in-the-middle in the process of order realization and resulted in improvement of quality, shortening the turnover times, and reduction of the prices for our services. A highly advanced online quotation system saves your valuable time and presents you with a quote for even non-standard products in a matter of seconds.


Facilitated communication between client and printing shop

The Designer printing service consultants are available through

  • the leading internet communicators, such as Skype and Gadu Gadu

  • directly from the main page via the 'consultant' tab

  • E-mail

  • 3 Telephone lines and fax

  • Printing shop office

We also provide you with emergency contact with the printing shop, 7 days a week, between 8AM and 10PM.


Qualified and helpful staff

  1. By contacting the customer support Printer Designer you can be confident that you are speaking with people with many years of practical experience in the preparation and printing, ones who will dispell all doubts and answer burning questions.

  2. You will not find yourself wasting your valuable time attempting to reach a secretary, an apprentice or random people who took your phone but do not know the answers to your important questions.

  3. Courtesy, competence and helpful advice have for years been the benchmark in the Designer Printing Office, a fact attested by hundreds of positive feedback items by our cllients which are available for inspection on the home page of the Designer website.


Wide range of products

Very wide range of products that provide each company with the desired corporate and advertising materials, ranging from stamps, signboards, business cards, through to large format or multi-page works. Placing orders at a single company ensures your "returning customer" status, and all the privileges associated with it, such as time saving, better consistency of the printed materials, more attractive prices, priority order realization.


Take advantage of our online, automatized system for getting a quote, placing an ordering and payments and verification of the files to print, without ever leaving your home

The Designer online cost estimate system is one of the first in Poland and one of the most feature-rich, it surpasses the systems found at other online service sites.

  1. You can do an easy calculation of both standard and custom-made formats and products, without limiting yourself to just the generic offer.

  2. You can order products in various quantitative and format combinations within a single order, for example, corporate business cards for different people in different quantities.

  3. Product mock-ups are available immediately for both the standard and custom-made products, with indications of many details relevant during the designing process, such as in the design, such as non-printing or hidden areas e.g. in calendars or envelopes; all of which ensures no unpleasant surprises at the order pickup.

  4. Production previews of the uploaded files - an innovative feature of our online service site is the file uploader which generates print previews for PDF and TIF files outlining the most important lines: cutting, folding, margins, bleedbox, and also marks the invisible or hidden fields, to avoid errors in the design. What deserves special attention is the fact that previews are generated directly by the production-grade RIP (Raster Image Processor), and not as in competitive printing shops, by third-party applications. This ensuring 100% identity of the screen preview with the actual material printed later.

  5. A wide selection of paper-grades, circulations, as well as lots of additional options give you unparalleled opportunities of price estimates of various products.

  6. With the advanced system for the calculation of multi-page works like catalogs, magazines or books, you can easily configure any product without template limitations.

  7. Explicitly-given price of all component costs allows you to easily assess the charges for each option in the product and to tailor them easily to your budget.

  8. At any time you can save your calculation for its quick retrieval in the future.

  9. Price promotions for the most popular products from the offer of the printing office allow you to purchase quality products at much more attractive prices.

  10. System for calculation of delivery costs to any country in Europe, with a choice of delivery in packs or on pallets.

  11. Free archiving of works on demand.


Clear order tracking.

Regardless of whether the order has been placed in the Designer main office, or through the online service, at all times you have access to the information about its progress.

  1. The progress of the realization of the printing tasks is visible from the level of client panel and via email.

  2. Easy and direct contact with the person supervising your order facilitates the communication and saves you valuable time.

  3. You can conveniently resume old orders with the possibility of implementing changes in them.


We meet deadlines.

We know the importance of the delivery date of corporate materials, so we take utmost care about keeping guaranteed deadlines.
For exceptional cases, we are able to provide express 24-hour and shorter turnover times.

Excellent work organization in our printing office allows you to expedite the realization of orders in case of emergency, when requested by the client.


We care about the quality

State-of-the-art work flow system for file processing for the offset printing ensures best possible representation of the image. Among others, it features the following standards:

  1. 4096 shades of each color component instead of the standard 256 - results in the absence of banding on long and smooth gradients.

  2. Highly advanced register supporting functions, such as anamorphic, feathered trapping. They mask the undesired shifts in color (due to inevitable minor deformation of paper during the printing process), which tend to occur particularly with the thinner papers.

  3. Automatic imposition of the multi-page work - there is no need to provide multi-page work, and similar, in the assembled form required for example with the booklet materials.

  4. High-density stochastic and hybrid rasterization - this allows you to reproduce the finest details of the printed images and reproduce shades below 2% and over 95% which are out of reach of the conventional AM 175 LPI rastering processes which are standard in most offset printing shops.

  5. Colors and raster point increments in the print are calibrated using spectrodensitometry in accordance with the applicable ISO standard ISO 12647-2: 2004 and controlled densitometrically with precision of +/-0.15 optical density.

Our modern printing machines are equipped with specialized systems resulting in a substantial improvement in the quality of the printed works such as:

  1. System for removal of the, so called, "hickeys" from the printing plates, which almost entirely eliminates the occurrences of commonplace flaws in the form of white dots in random places of the printed surfaces with high intensity color coverage, such as solid print. Our printing office welcomes solid print which is frowned upon at other offset printing shops

  2. Temperature control system of ink rollers during the printing process; this solutions optimizes working conditions for the printing process and density of the inks involved, regardless of speed and duration of printing. The more common printing machines lacking this feature fail to provide stable temperature and constitution of the ink which works to the detriment of the quality of print and color inconsistencies.


Perfect conditions in the machine hall

We use a system of high pressure humidification with water softened and treated with reverse-osmosis; thanks to constant and appropriate air humidity with laboratory-grade level of purity we are able to ensure

  1. no dust floating in the machine room air

  2. no electrostatic charges impeding production processes

  3. no complications caused by the stretching of the paper during print, which significantly increases the sharpness of print


We care about the environment

  1. CTP matrices used for the printing process are produced in non-process technology, without any use of chemicals. We recycle the waste aluminum print matrices.

  2. Thanks to computer assistance systems which support the printing machinery, the quantity of waste paper getting recycled is minimized.

  3. We utilize systems that optimize the consumption of electricity.

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Article from magazine "Profit" from the beginning of years 2000
proofs popularity of our offer and good position on the market.

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wycinek z gazety

An article in popular periodical "Profit" from the begining of the year 2000
proofs our popularity and solid position on the market.

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Prawdopodobnie najbardziej rozbudowany system wycen na Polskim rynku drukarni internetowych zaspokajający oczekiwania najbardziej wymagających zawodowców

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