Guidelines for delivering ready-made designs for printing

Print files should only be submitted in PDF format.

The PDF format is the optimal format for carrying any graphic design and publication. Thanks to internal compression, PDF ensures a small file size, and the internal structure ensures that the project will look the same on each computer, which is not standard for other formats.

Before you save the project in PDF format

make sure that the rules necessary for the correct printing of the work have been followed during the composition.

For color works, the color space : CMYK

please avoid delivering colorful designs in RGB format, it may have a negative impact on the quality and colors. The printing house is not responsible for the quality of printing from RGB files. We present the correct setting of the color space on the example of Adobe and Corel in the pictures on the left.

No special settings are required for black and white jobs.

Define PDF page fields

Trimbox: e.g. 297x210 mm
In graphic programs and editors, it is usually the format of the page on which we work, you should check whether its size corresponds to the size of the ordered product. The tolerance for the cutting process is approximately 1 mm. In PDF format, known as a trimbox is the expected final product format, e.g. 297x210mm

The bleed box: 2 mm, and for catalogs 3 mm
In the PDF format, known as bleedbox, it is the background of the page that should protrude beyond the page size by 2-3 mm. The page bleed during bookbinding is clipped. Cutting the bleed ensures that the background will finally reach the edge of the format, regardless of the manufacturing tolerances during cutting. The tolerance for the cutting process is approximately 1 mm.

Margin : 5 mm
When designing, all important design elements such as text, drawings, etc. should not be closer to the edge of the page than indicated by the margin. For this purpose, it is worth defining a safe margin in the application. Placing important items too close to the edge of the page may cause them to get clipped in the finished product. The tolerance for the cutting process is approximately 1 mm.

The page fields of a PDF document can be checked using Adobe Acrobat.

Export / save work to PDF

Each graphic program and text editor have the ability to save / export the project to PDF format. When selecting the export / save to PDF option, the option to select advanced settings appears.

In graphic programs, there are usually predefined settings for exporting to PDF, in this case we choose according to availability:

  • PDF / X-4: 2008
  • PDF / X-3: 2002
  • PDF / X-1a: 2001
  • printing quality

The pictures opposite show the correct settings for popular programs.

Multilateral works, books, catalogs

All pages are placed consecutively in 1 PDF document, keeping the correct order. If the spine is to contain text or have a different color than the first and last page, the cover should be delivered separately, taking into account the thickness of the spine. The spine thickness for common papers can be calculated by multiplying the number of sheets (not pages) x the thickness of the paper.

Thickness of popular papers

  • Amber Graphic 80g / 90g - 0.08mm / 0.09mm
  • Ecobook fluffed 2.0 - 0.10 mm
  • Chalked glossy / matte 130g - 0.08mm / 0.09mm
  • Chalked glossy / matte 170g - 0.09mm / 0.10mm

Additional PDF settings for advanced users

  • Fonts used: included in the document
  • Bitmap optimization (downsampling):
    color and grayscale 350 DPI, monochrome 1200 DPI
  • Embedding a profile: none or compatible with Fogra39 or Coated_v2
  • For products in the field of visual advertising (banners, signs, etc.)
    deliver designs for printing in JPG format at a resolution not exceeding 100 DPI

Loading of ready-made designs for printing

Loading projects is available only to logged in users.

A printable project in PDF format can be uploaded before placing an order in order to check its production preview or after placing an order for printing.

To load a PDF project

  • after placing the order, press the "load" button next to the order (in the list of my orders)
  • to check before printing, select the "check project" button in the product configurator

Note projects loaded using the "check project" button will not be automatically attached to the order that will be placed later.

After the PDF file is loaded

select front, back or set from the list and specify whether you have loaded 1 PDF document containing a set of pages or separate documents for the front and back. It is necessary to define the document type to start the preview creation procedure.

After loading the project, within a dozen or so minutes you will receive an e-mail with a preview link with the lines superimposed:

  • red-gray is the cutting area (trimbox) corresponds to the format of the finished product
  • gray-and-white is the bleedbox - the page background must reach here
  • green and white is the recommended margin for text and important objects (artbox)
  • blue and white is where it is folded or creased

When previews are not valid

You can delete the loaded file and then reload the corrected project.

Popular mistakes in PDF documents

  • document format different from the format of the ordered product
  • page orientation other than the ordered product
  • poorly defined page fields of a PDF document
  • no bleed
  • the text on the bend
  • text right on the edge of the cut
  • wrong colors

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Adobe Acrobat allows you to check whether the page fields of the finished project are correctly defined.

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