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Printing of advertising leaflets

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Leaflets - why is it worth it?

Leaflets are one of the most popular advertising materials. With the help of leaflets, you can efficiently reach a wide group of potential customers and present the company's offer to them. The above-mentioned materials are a good way to advertise and increase recognition, as well as build a positive image of the business. These are not the end of the advantages - leaflet printing does not generate high costs.

Trade and services cannot do without effective advertising. With so much competition, it is worth considering relatively cheap, but also effective forms of promotion. Advertising leaflets have been popular for years. Leaflets are one of the simplest forms of reaching potential customers - they are perfect as a promotion of a newly established restaurant, bar or beauty salon.

Application of advertising leaflets

Due to numerous advantages and a relatively low cost of printing, leaflets are widely used, they are perfect during promotional and social campaigns, during festivals, fairs or all types of mass events.

Companies and enterprises of various sizes and business profiles decide to print the above-mentioned materials, including:

  • pizzerias, restaurants, bars
  • stores with various types of assortment
  • hotels and guesthouses
  • laundries
  • renovation and construction companies
  • plumbers electricians
  • language schools
  • beauty salons and SPA salons
  • hairdressing salons
  • training companies
  • and many others

Effective advertising - leaflets

Professionally designed leaflets with high-quality printing are the best business card.
Handy form, content, direct distribution allow you to reach a large audience. An additional advantage of leaflets is the possibility of printing in large quantities and a low price for the promotion of your company.

Leaflet printing - Szczecin

Our printing house has been dealing with the preparation of leaflets for years. We operate comprehensively - from the preparation of a personalized design, to the selection of the leaflet format, type of paper (for example chalk or offset) and weight.
Together with the client, we determine whether the leaflet is to be printed on matte or glossy paper, we check whether standard or folded leaflets will be a better solution, we also determine the type of refinement, for example varnish refinement.

It is worth remembering that the leaflet is not only a design, but also useful information for potential customers, such as:

  • corporate logo
  • company opening hours
  • contact details
  • products and services offered
  • additional data, for example regarding a reservation or the possibility of ordering a meal at the address indicated.

We focus on ensuring that the quality of our work meets the highest standards. Thanks to the use of modern technologies and specialized devices, printing runs smoothly.

Leaflets Digital printing vs. offset

Many of our clients wonder whether a better and more economical solution is printing leaflets in digital or offset technology. What is the answer? We already explain!

In the case of digital technology, it is possible to print leaflets directly from the file generated to the electronic version (pdf or doc), thanks to which the deadline is reduced to a minimum and the materials can be obtained immediately. This technology is cost-effective for little investment.

Offset printing is a solution recommended for large volumes. The prepared materials are distinguished by very good quality, but the waiting time for implementation is longer than in the case of digital printing. Contrary to digital printing, gold and silver can be used here.

Technical parameters of leaflets

What sizes of leaflets do we print

The printing house's offer includes many basic formats of advertising leaflets. The printing house can produce leaflets of an unusual shape, e.g. a hanger for a door handle, such an original format of leaflets can distinguish the brand from the competition and draw the attention of potential customers.

What kind of paper do we use in printing leaflets?

In printing advertising leaflets, we offer a wide selection of matte or glossy chalked paper in grammages from 115 - 350g.

How do we print leaflets?

Color CMYK Euroscale (photos, graphics, logos, etc.).
Special Pantone colors (gold, silver, others not available in CMYK)

Leaflets are printed in offset or digital technology, depending on the volume.

Refinement in leaflet printing

The printout of leaflets can be refined with a full or selective varnish as well as a mat / gloss foil laminate.

Leaflet delivery:

  • Courier
  • Pallet forwarding.

The method of mailing leaflets

  • To the ordering party.
  • Neutral to the end customer (ordering party = sender).

How to prepare a flyer design for printing?

For printing the leaflet, you must provide a graphic design in PDF / X-3 format based on the project mock-up available at the leaflet configurator on the printing house's website.

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