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A bookmark is an interesting advertising product. A person who uses a bookmark while reading a book systematically interacts with it and consolidates the content contained therein. An advertising slogan or other message will certainly remain in the memory of a reader who has such a gadget for a long time. A bookmark can also be an interesting complement to a published book.

What paper is used to print bookmarks?

We print bookmarks on 350g matte coated paper, 0.34 mm thick. This is paper popularly used for printing business cards. The wood-free paper used to print bookmarks has high stiffness and is white in color.

What sizes of bookmarks are available?

We offer two standard dimensions: 180x50 and 270x50 mm. The corners of the tabs can be straight or rounded. In addition to these standard dimensions, we offer the option to choose your own size and shape. Rounded corners are a good solution that also improves the durability of the bookmark. The corners are usually damaged, causing the paper to split and the product to look unsightly.

What refinements are available in bookmark printing?

In order to make the tabs look more attractive and make them additionally stiff, you can choose lamination with matt/glossy/soft touch foil. The foil laminate will additionally extend the life of the tab by preventing the successive abrasion of its printed surface.

What is the delivery time and price of printed bookmarks?

The product configurator available on the printing house's website quickly calculates the delivery date and price of the product. There are two delivery times to choose from: standard or express. Please contact the printing house to negotiate an individual deadline for order printing bookmarks, if necessary.

If you have additional questions

Please contact us about bookmarks printed in our company. The Bookmark Printing House is waiting for your questions from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Please contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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