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Clipboard - a pad with a clip with an advertising print Clipboard - a pad with a clip with an advertising print
Clipboard, clipboard with your own print Clipboard, clipboard with your own print

Clip pad - Clipboard

with own print ✓of the company ✓of the advertisement

Use of clipboards

Clip pads / clipboards with a logo that are widely used at all conferences. Its hard base allows you to freely write documents prepared for presentation are effectively held by a metal clip.

How is the clipboard made?

The clipboard is made of 2 mm thick solid cardboard, on which we stick printed and laminated sheets. The outer veneer is larger and overlaps the inner veneer about 10-15mm on each side, forming a kind of frame. On the upper central part, we mount a chrome clip to hold the sheets. Our products are characterized by high aesthetics and quality of workmanship.

How to prepare a project for printing a pad with a clip?

The graphic design of the clipboards should be prepared in a size compatible with the model of the ordered product. The mockup for the project and its description are available on the left side of the product configurator. When designing, the margins should be at least 10 mm, and in the case of a background other than white - a bleed of 15 mm (format increased by 15 mm on each side of the design). Deliver the print-ready design in PDF X-3 format (check PDF export options in your application).

What are the possibilities of printing on clipboard?

  • color CMYK Euroscale (photos, graphics, logos, etc.)
  • special Pantone colors (gold, silver, other colors not available in the CMYK palette)
  • both sides of the board with the clip have the same print
  • each side of the board with the clip has a different print

How do we deliver clipboards?

  • Delivery man.
  • Pallet forwarding.

What are the shipping ways for clip pads?

  • To the ordering party.
  • Neutral to the end customer (ordering party = sender).

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