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Advertising newspapers - food, furniture, clothing, household appliances, RTV

The advertising newspapers are irreplaceable in all promotional campaigns advertising selected products from the offer, as well as cyclically informing the customer about changes in the permanent offer.

For printout of newspapers , a project in PDF format should be provided in a size compatible with the mock-up of the product ordered.

The mock-up for the project and its description are available on the product configurator's page. If you do not have your own project, you can commission it to our printing house.
The time needed to complete the project is added in addition to the term given in the product configurator.

Newspaper printing takes place in a full-color Euroscala CMYK palette.

For printing of advertising magazines, we use matte or glossy chalk paper. With a few thousandths of effort to ensure high quality of the product, we use glossy chalk paper with a gloss of 130g. In the case of significant outlays in tens of thousands, the weight of paper is a considerable, often a major part of the product, therefore its reduction affects significantly the price / An interesting proposition for advertising newspapers (where the most important aspects are the weight of the newsletter and its price) is bulky it has greater thickness, stiffness and better filling, thanks to which lowering the weight of paper to e.g. 70g, we obtain a lower weight of the paper, lower its price and a quality effect similar to much thicker chalked paper, allowing to maintain high utility values of the product.

Leaflet newspapers can be made in the form of a sewn or folded (folded), eg cross, zigzag, in half and in half, etc. The folded form is more cost-effective in relation to the sewn binding.

If you have additional questions, please contact the printing house.