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Glued advertising notebooks
The cardboard on the bottom of the notebook
Binder holes

Notebooks with individual print (company, advertising, etc. blocks)

The project for printing notebooks should be delivered in PDF format, made in a size compatible with the mock-up of the product ordered. Please keep 5 mm margins for the text and other important elements of the notebook.

The mock-up for the project and its description are available on the left side of the product configurator. If you do not have your own project, you can choose a ready template in our configurator or order a project.

Notebooks are printed in the full-color Euroscala CMYK palette. It allows you to place colorful logos and photos. For larger orders, printing by the Pantone palette is also available.

The paper used in notebooks is Amber Graphic 90 g. Thicker papers are also available as an option.

Notepads are glued on the side or from the top, and the soft glue allows you to easily pull the sheets. On the bottom of the block we use a cardboard pad.

Notebooks can be additionally equipped with 2 or 4 holes allowing to place cards in a binder.