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Examples of the use of sticker type safety seals
We deliver adhesive stickers on A4 sheets
Visible effect of protecting the self-adhesive seal.

STICKER - warranty and protection seals

Sticker security stickers are commonly used: computers, telephones, electronic equipment, casinos, counters, tickets, plant equipment, fixed assets, wherever security is needed against unauthorized opening, use and even replacement of equipment!

For printing security stickers , a design in PDF format should be provided in a size compatible with the model of the product, which can be downloaded on the left side of the product configurator. When designing, margins of at least 1 mm should be kept.

We print a warranty seal in full color or black on a special foil, crumbling when you try to peel off.

Sticker security stickers can have straight or rounded corners. The numbering or bar code may be placed on the sticker .