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Characteristics of unique Three months calendars refined in detail.


Individual colored print (CMYK) on the head and back of the calendar protected with varnish allows you to design without restrictions.

Offset printing technology ensures high resolution, smooth tonal transitions, uniformity of color intensity and favorable price - especially for larger series. The high-quality cardboard coated on one side with a weight of 275 g gives stiffness and makes a positive impression on customers.

The head and back in total dimensions from 315x670 to 350x880 mm h in our calendars form a homogeneous whole. This unique feature distinguishes our products from many competing products and gives a number of benefits such as:

  • higher aesthetics and durability of the calendar
  • larger advertising space
  • the ability to create a continuous graphic composition from head to back.

The rounded corners of the calendar (head and back) increase the aesthetics and reduce the risk of their splitting. The calendar head has a pendant in the form of a hole with a diameter of 3 mm.

The calendar consisting of three blocks with dimensions of 315x140 mm, printed in two colors: black and red, three languages: Polish, English, German, consists of 12 sheets that can be torn out, contains name days. The bottom of the blocks is reinforced with stiff cardboard to increase its strength. A sliding window for marking the current day is included.

Special notches on the back of the calendar fulfill the function of wings holding calendar blocks.

The calendar is folded and packed in a white self-adhesive paper envelope, which protects the calendar against unfolding and damage during transport.


  • matt / gloss laminate on the back and head.
  • glossy varnish applied selectively.
  • convex head made of thick cardboard.
  • colorful print on the envelope.
  • cardboard envelope with or without print.
  • individual calendar design.

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