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Advertising fridge magnets with your own imprint Advertising fridge magnets with your own imprint

Magnetic stickers - magnets ✓ advertising ✓ printed ✓ on the fridge

How do we print advertising magnetic stickers?

is done in full color in high resolution, therefore logos, photos and graphics are printed in photo quality.

What can be the shape of an advertising magnetic sticker?

can be any. We make rectangles with rounded corners, circles, ellipses and irregular shapes. The printing house can make test magnetic stickers in the number of several pieces for approval before the final production of the entire run.

How to prepare a design for printing a magnetic sticker?

The magnet design should be submitted in PDF format. On the first page of the PDF, we place the design of the magnetic sticker, and on the second page, the contour to be cut out. The printing house can make a design according to specific customer guidelines for a small additional charge.

What substrate is used for printing advertising magnets?

Magnetic paper - white, coated, extremely smooth paper, permanently bonded to the magnet layer - with a glossy surface finish. The product guarantees high print quality: very good color reproduction, excellent toner adhesion, long-lasting prints (from 9 to 12 months). MagneCote combines the use of a magnet with the versatility of applications previously exclusive to paper.

Weight [g / m2] Thickness [μm] CIE whiteness [%] Opacity [%]
688 330 92.5 > 99

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