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Graphic design:

A PDF project made in the size of the ordered advertisement should be provided for printing. If you do not have a ready advertising banner design, our graphic studio will professionally prepare the necessary material for a small fee, serving professional knowledge and practical experience.

Remember, commissioning a project to unprofessional graphic designers is not worth it. Design is often a fraction of the cost of printing, don't risk it, it's not worth it! amateur graphic designer will not cover the costs of reprinting ... Not always what I will show on the screen will look the same after printing, professional design is a complex topic, not improvisation.


We print advertising boards in high resolution solvent technology. As a substrate, we use various media such as PVC, chamber boards, plexiglass, composite boards and other similar products. The print is resistant to weather conditions and successfully withstands several years outside, in addition, we can protect it with laminate to further increase its resistance to weather conditions and abrasion.


Full flexibility in choosing the format of advertising signs allows each client to choose the right size to fit his needs. We use modular advertising for formats exceeding the maximum format of a given substrate. Please check the available disc formats below before placing your order. During the valuation, the system automatically informs you when the ad will consist of more than 1 element.

Remember when designing advertising signs use margins of a few cm, do not place important details at the edge.


We use various media for the production of advertising signs, the most popular are:

PVC - (poly vinyl chloride) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a thermoplastic plastic commonly used in almost all industries. Surface quality, resistance to aging, and lightness are the attributes of PVC as a material for the production of advertisements. Foamed or surface-hardened PVC sheets are particularly useful as a carrier layer for painting, self-adhesive foil graphics and screen printing.

Foamed PVC - has a porous internal structure making it a fairly light material. When choosing the right thickness for the size of the board also rigid enough. The outer surface of foamed boards is matt and usually has a delicate orange peel texture. They usually do not have UV protection and their surface slightly yellowing with prolonged exposure.

Sizes of available panels: 1220 x 3050, 1530 x 3050, 2030 x 3050 (mm)

PVC hardened - it has a smooth and shiny surface resembling Plexiglas, it is UV stabilized (color guarantee for several years). Inside, it has the same structure as foamed PVC.

Sizes of available plates: 1500 x 3000, 1220 x 2440 (mm)

Hard PVC - Unlike foamed pvc, the material is solid, without pores (homogeneous) in its entire cross-section, much more rigid and much heavier, has a UV stabilized surface (color guarantee for several years).

Chamber polypropylene - white (non-transparent) are characterized by high rigidity (comparable to chamber polycarbonate), while having a low specific gravity, which facilitates assembly and reduces its time. Chamber plates can be used outdoors (they have UV protection). Light, cheap, large - the advantages of cellular polypropylene boards appreciated by the advertising market.

Sizes of available boards: 5 mm - 2000 x 3000, 10 mm - 3000 x 6000 (mm)

DIBOND - Aluminum composite panels consisting of 0.3mm aluminum sheet cladding and polyethylene filling. They are characterized by a perfectly smooth surface and unprecedented stiffness, and relatively low weight in relation to the board thickness. Very durable material, resistant to weather conditions, excellent both for the production of boards and spatial structures. It allows you to create interesting indoor advertising applications (including gadgets) Available thicknesses: 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm.

Sizes of available plates: 4000 x 1500 (mm)


Full color allows you to place logos, photos and graphics, and gives unlimited possibilities when designing signs.

Sharpness - Print from a high resolution solvent machine with modulated dot size, saturated colors sharp print.

Colors - To ensure the color consistency of all printed materials with us, thanks to specialized equipment, knowledge and software, we have developed our own color profiles for each print substrate. By ordering a banner, leaflets and invitations (3 products printed in different technologies) you will not be surprised by the differences in colors (based on the opinions of our customers, this problem occurs in almost every printing house)

Remember to avoid using black texts with 4 components (CMYK). Black text, especially fine, should have a 100% share only on the black channel. Make sure to use the CMYK color palette instead of RGB when designing, otherwise the print effect may be different than expected.

Optional finishing:

In order to increase the lifetime of the signboard, we can cover it with transparent varnish, an additional layer will protect the graphics with intense sunlight.


Reasonable deadlines with the possibility of significantly shortening them for an additional charge, if you are in a hurry we will make an advertising sign overnight, and even within a few hours, details are available in the calculation form.

Remember, you decide on the date of printing, select a convenient date from the list in the order form.

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