Totem displays

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Totem, Display Flash, Eliptical stands - easy to expand and collapse.

Display flash totem eliptical pop-up - producent



Złożony na płasko Display flash totem, stand eliptyczny, pop-up - producent, drukarnia.




Technical specification of Totem, Display Flash produced by our company:



High quality full colour Euroscale offset print. Every side is equal or different on special demand.



Cardboard GC2 350g - one side coated.



Gloss of matt laminate.


90x260 cm - folded to 90x65 (1/4)

50x180 cm - folded to 50x90 (1/2)


Totem is equipped with system which gives totem eliptical shape automaticaly after expanding.

Expanding and collapsing takes few seconds. Compact size of collapsed totem make it easy to ship.


Flat on the pallete.

 System of expanders give to stand elliptical shape automaticaly. Drukarnia Online