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Discount coupons with variable alphanumeric codes printed Discount coupons with variable alphanumeric codes printed
Discount coupons with 3 different bar codes printed on each coupon. Discount coupons with 3 different bar codes printed on each coupon.
4 unique codes on 1 leaflet, separated by perforation 4 unique codes on 1 leaflet, separated by perforation

Discount coupons, leaflets, tickets
with variable alphanumeric, bar or QR code

We produce prints in any form
with sequential numbering or unique codes stored digitally, in bar or QR code

Offer for printing coupons with a variable code

We offer discount coupons - leaflets printed with a variable numeric, alphanumeric code, bar code, QR code, address, etc. Each coupon or ticket may contain 1 or more variable codes, addresses, texts. In the case of several codes on one leaflet, they are placed one below the other in one column.

Coding of coupons and tickets

It can be made in many different ways:

  • Sequential numbering , e.g. from 0001 to 1000
  • Alphanumeric coding in the form of unique codes resulting from a combination of numbers and letters
  • Combined coding , fixed content + numeric or alphanumeric variable

The way of expressing the encoding can also be done in different ways:

  • Digital numbering
  • barcode
  • QR code

In the case of random variables of alphanumeric codes or variables in the form of texts, eg names, addresses, etc., the content should be submitted for printing in the form of a * .XLSX (Excel) or * .CSV file. In the delivered file, each successive row of the first column should contain a different appropriate code. The number of codes in 1 file is not limited.

Modern e-commerce systems allow you to generate unique discount codes in the form of CSV, XLSX files, etc. The obtained file with codes can be used for printing on coupons, discount flyers, tickets, etc. The customer who makes the purchase and receives a unique discount code will usually keep the coupon in order to make favorable transaction in the future. Thanks to this procedure, we tie customers to each other and motivate them to systematically buy at a promotional price.

How do we print coupons with a unique code?

We print discount coupons, leaflets and tickets from PDF files in full color (Euroscale) CMYK or black, one or two-sided. Codes and variables are always printed in black. Coupons, tickets, leaflets with a unique code are printed on uncoated or coated (matte or glossy) paper in grammages from 120 to 350g.

Additional enhancements for coded forms

Personalized prints with variable code can be further improved in the following way:

  • Lamination with matt or glossy foil additionally stiffens , increases durability and aesthetic value.
  • Perforation - allows you to tear individual codes from the sheet .
  • Creasing - in the case of stiff papers, it allows the coupon to be easily folded into a booklet.
  • Die -cutting - allows you to cut out any shape , e.g. in the form of a credit card with round corners, or to make a hole in the form of a pendant.

For technical consultation, please contact a specialist via Skype chat: designer75 or by phone number 601 501 502.

Deadline for printing personalized coupons

We offer short delivery times and provide professional advice. In the event of unusual workmanship or questions regarding the preparation of materials, please contact the printing house.

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