Definitions for graphic designs

finished project

by this concept we mean an electronic document prepared in accordance with the DESIGNER Printing House guidelines, ready for use in the printing process without the need to apply any corrections. Any errors in the file will be printed and any complaints in this respect will not be accepted.

checking files

it is a paid service including evaluation of the submitted project in terms of meeting technical standards for printing and indicating any errors.

The following issues are checked:

margin sizes
sizes of cutting allowance
color space
are the texts curves (if applicable)
are not black lyrics from 4 colors
is there no rebate for black color
resolution of used photos

Spell errors, factual errors or other errors not mentioned in the above list are not subject to checking. If the abovementioned irregularities are found, the printing house will inform the customer via e-mail. In no event possible, the Printing House is not responsible for projects delivered for printing.

project implementation

it is implemented in accordance with the regulations of the graphic studio based on the instructions of the ordering party and materials provided by him. Acceptance of the design of the project as well as checking any information contained in it is on the side of the client. Acceptance of the project for printing closes the process of making changes definitively, all subsequent corrections are additionally payable depending on the status of the order and the required workload. Drukarnia Online