We accept projects in the following format: PDF

Charging Procedure:

  1. Drag the file and drop it into the green frame or click the + button and select the files to load.
  2. Mark the uploaded files in the "page" column

    for 1 or 2-sided works:

    mark : front, back or set (pdf document containing all pages).

    for multi-page works with a cover (books etc.)
    mark : cover, center, set (pdf document including cover and center).

  3. If you do not mark the pages, the preview will not be prepared.
  4. When the previews are ready, you will receive an email with links.
  5. After checking the previews , confirm the project with the " Start production " button.
  6. Track the progress of the order via the customer panel or text messages.

What to do if the preview is incorrect?

  1. Re-enter the file loader by clicking "Upload" in " My Orders"
  2. Delete the wrong file by clicking on the " red X icon " .
  3. Reload the revised design and mark the pages.
  4. Wait for previews.

- how to save a book to PDF - for beginners

- how to prepare a PDF for printing - for advanced users

*) for JPG and large-format orders in the field of visual advertising (banners, signs, etc.) , automatic previews are not generated .

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