Options in products

In each category we provide various additional options to be used in a given product

Examples of options available at extra charge:

  1. punched (dying) - this is the process of cutting out a predetermined shape from paper using a press
  2. drilling holes 2 or 4 pcs - this is the process of drilling holes for use in clothing labels and catalog cards mounted in binders
  3. punching - drilling process 1 hole for use in clothing labels
  4. finishing with aluminum strips - it is a process of crimping decorative metal strips on two opposite edges, one always has a tag in the form of a hole or a hook
  5. rounding corners - this is the process of cutting off four corners in labels and business cards giving the effect of rounded corners
  6. creasing - this is the process of pressing a groove on thick papers in order to easily break it in a given place without the risk of paper cracking
  7. folding - it is a process of machine breaking paper in any way, in parallel, in a cross, zig zag, window, altar, etc.
  8. CD pocket - a special foil pocket attached to the product in order to store the CD in it
  9. gluing in a block - it is gluing the right amount of sheets into a block, the price is always the use of a cardboard as the base of the block
  10. calendar - applies a suitable calendar to the given product
  11. plastic window - a necessary element of the calendar to mark the current date
  12. perforation - this is the process of cutting out micro holes that allow easy folding of the paper or its tearing in a given place
  13. numbering - this is the process of stamping unique numbers on each copy of the ordered effort
  14. cutting patterns from foil - this is the process of cutting the adhesive foil in order to obtain specific patterns that can be peeled off
  15. contact details - this is cutting and perforating with the help of a punch and poster edge press to obtain small business cards that can be easily peeled off
  16. banner edge welding + eyeletting - this is the process of adapting the banner to hanging, the banner is double-folded at the edges, glued and wrapped with aluminum rings
  17. gilding - it is a process of thermal welding of metallic foil into paper to obtain a mirror gloss not available in the printing process
  18. embossing - this is the process of embossing a convex mark in paper, e.g. a logo, to add a special visual effect
  19. pouring polyurethane resin - this is the process of applying a special material to the surface of the sticker to create a convex effect
  20. gluing - is the process of assembling boxes of bags or other products using glue or double-sided tape
  21. vehicle wrapping - is the process of applying printed film to the surface of a car body or vehicle glass

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