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Premium service is a choice for customers who value their time, comfort and peace of mind.

Premium Customer Service Standards:

  • Creating an account for the client.
  • Quotations and accepting orders by phone, e-mail or at the service office.
  • Recognition of the client's needs and suggesting the best known solutions Advice on the selection of raw materials and the method of executing the order in order to meet the client's requirements.
  • Cost optimization with specific customer needs.
  • Informing the Client about any human noticed errors and inaccuracies in the online order


Benefits of Premium Service:

  • On-site service at the Drukarnia Designer Customer Service Office.
  • Avoiding unnecessary expenses thanks to practical advice.
  • Avoiding selection errors when ordering and thus poorly executed orders.
  • Greater satisfaction with completed orders thanks to the implementation of assumptions.
  • Assigned customer supervisor overseeing the orders.
  • Higher priority in the order of service, quick response to inquiries, regardless of the load on the customer service office.
  • Technical support at every stage of the order.
  • Comfort and a sense of security.


Internet self-service

You do the following online only yourself

  • creating an account
  • pricing the order
  • making choices
  • placing an order


Disadvantages of the solution

  • If you do not have sufficient technical knowledge - you take the risk of choosing the wrong parameters.
  • You place orders online only - placing orders in person at the "Designer Customer Service Office" - not available

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