Terms & Conditions of the Printhub.eu website

The following regulations define the terms in effect in the Printhub.eu website


§ 1 Definitions

The internet printing and advertising service of the Printhub.eu, henceforth "Service", is provided by the company:

"Designer" Marcin Czajkowski, ul. Monte Cassino 9, 70-465 Szczecin, NIP: 852-102-82-64, REGON: 810786172

henceforth, "Designer," on the provisions defined in the present Regulations.

Designer - the owner and administrator of the Service

User - the client of Designer - a natural person. Legal entity, or organizational unit without legal personality - which has properly filled out the Order Form on the Website of the Service and accepted the provisions of the present Regulations.

Service - a service available in the internet Service site and completed by Designer.

Payer data - data which enables Designer to properly draw up an invoice for the completion of the Services ordered by the User.

Order Form - a site available on the Service Site, in which the user specifies the basic parameters of Service, method of payment for it and commissions its completion. By filling out the order form and then commissioning it to carry out by Designer, the User agrees to abide by the provisions of these Regulations, and obliges Designer to take steps towards the realization of the ordered Service.

Agreement of order completion - the agreement concluded between the User and Designer, under which Designer obliges to complete the Service commissioned by the User.

In order to conclude the Agreement, the User will fill out and confirm for realization the Order Form on the Service site, appropriately to the service selected. If the data supplied for the form by the User is correct and accepted by Designer, the agreement is concluded; if not, the User is requested to accept the changes introduced by Designer.

The steps towards the completion of the Service are taken by Designer only if the Agreement is accepted by both parties. The time passing when the Agreement is being accepted by both parties is not included in the time of Service completion. The conclusion of the agreement of order completion is a necessary condition for the steps to be taken by Designer towards the completion of the Service commissioned by the User.


§ 2. General provisions

  1. These Regulations define the manner of use of the services offered on the Service site, the scope of responsibility of Designer and all other regulating information.
  2. The registration on the Service site, or the commissioning of any Services on offer is an unambiguous confirmation that the User has become familiar with the contents of these Regulations and accepts all their provisions without question.
  3. Claims ensuing from the ignorance of the present Regulations shall be overruled.
  4. In the matters not settled by these Regulations, the regulations of the Polish law in force shall be applicable.
  5. The present Regulations come into force as of April 1st, 2007.
  6. Designer reserves the right to amend these Regulations.
  7. The prices listed on the Service site are applicable only to the on-line commissions and are not binding in the Customer Service Office in the Designer company.


§ 3. Commencement of service provision

  1. The price offer for the products available in the Service site may be browsed through anonymously and without obligation.

  2. The Orders in the Service site may be submitted exclusively after the acceptance of the present Regulations and after completion of the registration process which will grant the User their unique Used ID and a password to the Service site.


§ 4. Interruption of providing services

  1. Designer reserves the right to refuse to provide a service for the User when:
    a) the User has violated the provisions of these Regulations,
    b) the User has provided incorrect data of the payer,
    c) the User has requested that his payer data be removed.
  2. In the case when the completion of the Service commissioned has already begun, Designer is entitled to charge the User with full costs of the completion of the Service.


§ 5. Rights and Obligations of the User

The User is obliged to:

  • make use of the services according to the specification stated in the price list,
  • update, without delay, the data registered on the Service site, should they change,
  • protect their password from unauthorized use,
  • refrain from attempts to hack other users' passwords,
  • refrain from activities to the detriment of other users,
  • make the payments for the services commissioned in timely manner,
  • regularly check the possible changes to these Regulations and become familiar with them.
  1. By commissioning a Service on the Service site, the User declares that they hold full rights to the completion of this Service and assumes full liability for the legal faults ensuing from the form and content of the materials and models provided, including the infringement of copyright of third parties, as well as other legal regulations in effect in Poland.
  2. At filling out the Order form on the Service site and filing the commission for completion, the User expresses the will to conclude the Agreement of order completion and assumes the financial commitment for its completion by Designer. The commitment shall be settled in the manner defined in the bilateral Service Agreement between Designer and User.


§ 6. Rights and obligations of Designer

Designer shall make every effort for the Service on the Service site to be rendered in the constant, uninterrupted manner and on the top level.
Nonetheless, Designer cannot be held liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, particular or moral losses ensuing from fulfillment or non-fulfillment of any provision of these Regulations (including for the losses suffered by third parties), such as the loss of expected profit, or the inability to conduct business activity. Under no circumstances shall Designer be held liable for losses whose value exceeds the amount payable to Designer for the completion of the commissioned, and not yet realized, Services.

In particular, Designer shall not be held liable for:

  • any losses to the User, resulting from inappropriate disclosure of information about his or her User ID and/or password to third parties,
  • consequences of acquisition by third parties of the User's password, regardless of the cause of the acquisition (such as User sharing the ID or password with a third person, or hacking the User's ID or password by a third party),
  • consequences of the cessation of providing services or termination of the Service,
  • losses resulting from non-fulfillment of the provisions of these Regulations by the User,
  • losses resulting from Designer's involuntary discontinuity of providing the Service,
  • losses resulting from supplying incorrect or incomplete Payer data at the commission of the Service,
  • losses resulting from the interference of third parties, malfunctioning of external factors or other systems (such as telecommunication networks) independent of Designer,
  • sharing the password and data with the authorized persons, under the applicable provisions of the law.

Designer reserves the right to:

  • amend these Regulations and the prices of the Services,
  • temporarily disable the accessibility of the Services on the Service site, because of its expansion or maintenance
  • occasional and short interruptions to the accessibility to the Services without giving reason for it,
  • send to the e-mail addresses provided by the User communications related to the functioning of the services, as well as messages informing about current activities of Designer related to the providing and expanding the scope of services,
  • cease the provision of the services and terminate the activity of the Service site,
  • refuse to complete an order after giving appropriate reason for it.

§7 Modifications to the design to print

  1. Commissions with the "queued" status - the files may be replaced free of charge, using the "Upload a file" tab on the home page of the Service site.
  2. Commissions with the "in preparation" status - the files to print may be replaced, under charge, using the "Upload a file" tab on the home page of the Service site.
  3. Commissions with the "in production" status - require substantial financial costs as they necessitate the manufacture of new printing plates and an interruption of the printing process. The costs are determined in individual cases.
  4. The modifications performed by the DTP operators of the Designer company are charged in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Designer Graphic Studio of the Designer Online Printing.


§ 8. Terms of payment

Designer offers the following methods of payment:

  • 50% fore payment / 50% on delivery
  • 50% fore payment / 50% on collection at the company
  • Bank transfer fore payment
  • Online fore payment through Przelewy24.pl service
  • Cash fore payment at the company
  • Cash on delivery *
  • Bank transfer within 7 - 30 days *
  • Cancellation of the order paid by a bank transfer is charged with an administrative charge in the net amount of PLN 30. Refund for the commission canceled will be reduced by this amount.

* the method of payment available only for the returning and proven Users, or, in exceptional cases, to Users who submit a copy of registration documents, such as KRS, NIP, REGON. An additional condition is the document proving that the person commissioning is authorized in their company to commission work and to accept a VAT invoice.


§ 9 Shipping

  1. To ensure the safety of the manufacture, Designer packs the goods in a durable corrugated cardboard package, with the size appropriate to the size of the commissioned materials, or in cardboard envelopes.
  2. Designer offers delivery with a proven, insured and trustworthy shipping company with whom Designer has an agreement ensuring substantial discounts.
  3. The shipping prices are automatically calculated by the ordering system.
  4. It is possible to ship the goods via User-appointed shipping company.
  5. In each case, the User is charged for the shipping costs.
  6. For handling damaged parcels, see the point "Liability for quality, claims."


§ 10. Correspondence

  1. By accepting the Regulations and by registering, in accordance with the act of Jul. 18th 2002 on the services rendered via electronic means (Journal of Laws No. 144 of 2002, point 1204) the User expresses consent to receive electronic mail communications related to the functioning of the Service, as well as emails informing of the current Designer activities related with the provision and expansion of the services.
  2. All correspondence, communications, and information sent via electronic means from the Service will be directed to the email address declared in the User profile.
  3. All correspondence from the Service in the traditional form will be directed to the physical address submitted in the User profile.


§ 11. Tolerances and quality standards

  1. Offset printing is performed in accordance with ISO 12647-2: 2004.
  2. ICC profiles suitable for papers: coated - Fogra39, uncoated - Fogra 49.
  3. Contract proofs should be compatible with ISO 12647-7:2007.
  4. Tolerance of printing parameters: optical density: <±0.15; dot gain: <±5.
  5. Acceptable deviation of color alignment in successive prints: <0,2 mm.
  6. Acceptable deviations when cutting a sheet into individual pieces: <±1mm
  7. Folding – acceptable distance of the fold placement from the designed position (each fold): <±1 mm
  8. Perforation – acceptable distance of the perforation placement from the designed position:
  9. Binding - acceptable vertical shift between the cover and the insert, saddle stitched:
    <±1.5 mm; perfect binding: <±2.5 mm
  10. Alignment of the varnish layer to overprint for spot coating:


§ 12. Liability for quality, claims

  1. All actions comprised in the commission will be realized in the form as submitted, unless additional scope of work was agreed on during commissioning.
  2. The files submitted for printing must include only the appropriate files, with no irrelevant files which might mislead Designer and cause the realization of incorrect action, the claim for which shall be overruled in such a case.
  3. The User is obliged to thoroughly check the correctness (and express acceptance or indicate error) of the design examples provided by Designer before their realization. Designer shall not be held liable for the Service performed, containing an error which was accepted by the User. Lack of acceptance or a substantial delay in accepting the example might cause the extension of the turnaround period, for which Designer shall not be held liable.
  4. In case of printing commissions, Designer will make every effort to print each color in accordance with the ISO 12647-2:2004 standard, or in accordance with the Pantone color palette, while reserving the tolerance of the occurrence of optical density variations of up to 5% for each color.
    Designer shall not be held liable for the discrepancies from the original, unless a printed master had been provided, prior to the realization of the commission. In the case of offset printing Services, the color pattern may be an analog or digital proof, compliant to the ISO 12647-2:2004 standard, as well as a previously-printed copy (offset printing technique). Because of the time-consuming nature of this, the adaptation of color patterns other than the certified ones will be charged additionally, with the amount settled individually, with no guarantee of achieving the submitted pattern. The digital patterns are not reliable and will be treated solely as suggestions. In the case of film colors (categories of signboards, banners and car wraps) the applicable designations are those of Avery, Oracal, Multifix.
  5. Designer shall not be held liable for any faults and delays in the commissions resulting from improper preparation of the graphic files for printing by the User. The information on the manner of proper preparation of designs for printing is available in the lower part of the Service.
  6. Claims relating to the damages of the parcels during shipping must be filed by the User in the written form of a claim protocol with the participation of the representative of the shipping company. The protocol must be drawn up no later than at the time of delivery. A copy of such a protocol must be sent to Designer without delay. Claims which fail to comply with this procedure will be declined.
  7. Claims relating to the quality of the services or products must be filed in writing no later than 7 days after their delivery. A condition sine qua non of investigating the claim shall be the return of the entire (100%) circulation of the item under claim. Claims which fail to comply with this procedure will be declined.
  8. Commissions containing damaged or virus-infected files will be suspended until the User provides files free from these faults. Designer shall not be held liable for the delay in the turnaround period resulting from this.


§ 13. Confidentiality

  1. The User expresses consent to the processing by Designer of the personal data provided during the registration for the purposes related to the fulfillment of Designer's services, delivery of the work commissioned to the appropriate address, any necessary communications during the process of commissioning realization and issuance of accounting documents.
  2. The User declares that He or She has been informed about their right to inspection and correction of their personal data, as well as about the right to demand their deletion.
  3. Designer agrees to maintain the confidentiality of the personal data related to a given User, with the exception for the situations described in the applicable provisions of the law.


§ 14. Final provisions

  1. All dispute related to the services provided by Designer under the present regulations shall be settled by the Polish court of law, proper for the seat of Designer.
  2. If case of recognition in an absolute verdict of one or more of the provisions of the present regulations to be invalid or impracticable, the remaining provisions shall be valid and remain in full force.

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