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Banner and advertising grid

Graphic design:

We accept projects in JPG format with a resolution of 100 DPI for printing banners and meshes.

If you do not have a ready banner design, our graphic studio will prepare the necessary material serving professional knowledge and practical experience.


Full color allows you to place logos, photos and graphics, and gives you unlimited possibilities when designing the banner.

Colors - We use appropriate color profiles for every medium on which we print, thanks to which the colors are correctly reproduced.


A wide range of banner formats allows each client to choose the right size for himself. Up to several meters wide and several meters long.

Remember when designing the banner, use margins of a few cm, do not place important details at the edge.


We use various media for banner printing, depending on the application, the most popular are:

Frontlit - Intended for one-sided printing. It is made of PVC coated polyester fabric. Very high tear strength. Use as an advertising medium illuminated from the outside (printed side) with daylight or artificial light. Individual frontlite straps can be joined by welding to create a surface with dimensions limited only by the strength of the banner's supporting structure, or by the possibilities of fixing it.

Backlit - is a vinyl material that lets in and diffuses light. Designed for "rear" lighting, during the day retains the same visual properties as frontlit. Through the appropriate design you can get the day / night effect - that is, the image seen during the day, at night with the banner backlight is supplemented with additional elements. Backlit can be combined into larger surfaces with specially made welds - invisible when backlit.

Blockout - Material intended for internal and external use where the graphics are double-sided and cannot penetrate, It can also be used to darken hotel or office rooms

Grid - Intended for large and very large advertising surfaces (several hundred to thousands square meters) or also for places where the use of the full structure of the carrier could damage the supporting structure, or even break the banner through the action of waitru. Used successfully as a scaffolding cover when renovating buildings. The mesh is produced in a wide range of densities, which allows optimal selection of material for the destination. Drukarnia Online