Carbon copy pads

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Blocks / self-copying prints to order.


Wide use of self-copying forms: accounting, confirmation of receipt and delivery of goods, rentals, CMR transport, all types of prints requiring copying. Writing once you get any number of copies.

For printing self-copying blocks, a project in PDF format made in a size compatible with the model of the ordered product should be provided .

Project mockup and description are available on the product configurator page. In case you do not have your own design, you can order it in our printing house.

The time needed to complete the project is added to the deadline given in the product configurator.

The self-copy blocks are printed in full color Euroscala CMYK palette or in black on special 60g - 80g self-copying paper

Self-copying blocks are glued on the side or from above, soft glue allows easy tearing of sheets without the risk of tearing.

Additional options:
- drilling 2 or 4 holes
- numbering of individual pages. Drukarnia Online