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C5 envelopes with colored company print C5 envelopes with colored company print
C5 business envelopes with an all-over print. 5 mm white margin is mandatory. C5 business envelopes with an all-over print. 5 mm white margin is mandatory.
DL envelopes with window and Logo imprint DL envelopes with window and Logo imprint
DL envelopes with a window and a company logo imprint DL envelopes with a window and a company logo imprint

Printed envelopes

In the age of digital communication, the physical act of sending mail can still make a big impact in the world of business. From invoices to marketing materials, sending correspondence in a well-designed and printed envelope can help elevate the professional image of any company. That's where our envelope printing services come in.

Our company specializes in printing envelopes in a variety of sizes and formats, using modern technology to ensure uncompromising quality while maintaining relatively short turnaround times. We offer both windowed and non-windowed envelopes, printed in black and color. Our standard printing is done in CMYK color space, but for larger orders, we can also use the Pantone color palette.

For your convenience, we exclusively use self-sealing envelopes with a security strip that provides extra protection during transit. We can print from ready-made PDF designs, or we can create custom designs tailored to your specific needs. Due to technical reasons, we ask that all designs have a 5 mm margin.

In addition to standard printing, we also offer variable data printing. Each envelope can have different content, making it a great option for addressing and saving time on tedious manual work. For orders ranging from 50 to thousands, we can use digital printing technology to deliver high-quality results.

To take advantage of our variable data printing service, simply provide us with an xlsx file containing the necessary variables. Our team of experts will take care of the rest, ensuring that your envelopes are printed to the highest standards.

In conclusion, our envelope printing services offer modern businesses the opportunity to enhance their professional image with high-quality, customized envelopes. Whether you need envelopes for invoicing, marketing, or general correspondence, we have the expertise and technology to deliver exceptional results. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help take your business to the next level.

Envelope printing - our offer

Our offer includes several types of envelopes that can be decorated with any print. Envelopes in many formats, full or with a window, opened from the top or from the side offer numerous possibilities of personalization. All you have to do is provide us with a graphic file and we will prepare a suitable project for you.

What will you gain thanks to our offer?

  • Personalized look of corporate envelopes.

  • Excellent print quality.

  • Possibility of printing in low quantity - from 50 pieces.

  • Project for approval.

  • Fast turnaround time.

Would you like to give your company correspondence an aesthetic form? Check out our envelope printing offer.

Addressing and personalizing envelopes

The printing house offers printing of company envelopes with a logo and printing of envelopes with variable data (envelope addressing).

Addressed envelopes save you a lot of time and money when sending regular correspondence.
The average cost of addressing 1000 envelopes ranges from PLN 50-100, which is not a big cost compared to the tedious manual work that would take many hours.

Addressing (personalization) of printed envelopes is possible after delivery together with the order for printing addressed envelopes XLSX file with the recipients' data. Personal data of recipients should be placed in the xlsx file in separate lines, accepting subsequent columns for individual address data.

Description of the columns with personal data in the XLSX file

  • A - Company name
  • B - Name and surname
  • C - Street
  • D - Code and city
  • E - Country

On envelopes, the individual data will be printed in a column.

How to prepare a project for printing company envelopes?

We accept designs for printing company envelopes in PDF format, prepared in the size of the ordered product. The mock-up for the project and its description are available on the product configurator page. When designing business envelopes, a 5 mm white margin should be considered. If you do not have your own design for company envelopes, you can order it from our printing house.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the printing house at tel. 91 852 22 22

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