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Printed envelopes

Among the numerous office activities, sending company correspondence plays an important role. Inquiries, official letters and even occasional Christmas greetings - all this requires the use of envelopes. As business owners attach great importance to the details influencing the positive image of the company, they more and more often ensure that the envelopes are personalized . This has a positive effect on the company's image, and at the same time is an excellent advertisement. For this reason, aesthetic printed envelopes are extremely popular nowadays.

Printing envelopes

Printing on envelopes allows you to decorate them with your company logo or any lettering. Thanks to this, the envelope is personalized and you do not have to manually put your company details on it. Colorful, high-quality digital printing makes the information perfectly visible, and the print is characterized by high aesthetics, which translates into a positive image of the company.

Printing envelopes - our offer

Our offer includes several types of envelopes that can be decorated with any print. Envelopes in many formats, full or with a window, opening from the top or the side, offer numerous personalization options. All you need to do is provide us with a graphic file and we will prepare a suitable project for you.

What will you gain thanks to our offer?

  • Personalized appearance of corporate envelopes.

  • Perfect print quality.

  • Low-volume printing possible - from 50 pieces.

  • Design for approval.

  • Fast turnaround time.

Would you like to give your corporate correspondence an aesthetic form? Check out our envelope printing offer.

Offer for printing envelopes

The printing house offers printing of company envelopes with a logo and printing of envelopes with variable data (addressing envelopes).

Addressed envelopes save a lot of time and money when sending systematic correspondence.
The average cost of addressing 1000 envelopes ranges from PLN 50-100, which is not a big cost compared to the tedious manual work that would take many hours.

How to prepare a project for printing company envelopes?

We accept designs for printing company envelopes in PDF format prepared in the size of the ordered product. The mockup for the project and its description are available on the product configurator page. A 5 mm white margin should be used when designing letterhead envelopes. If you do not have your own design for company envelopes, you can have it done by our printing house.

How are business envelopes printed?

Company envelopes are printed in full Euroscale CMYK color. Special colors from the Pantone pattern book available on special order from a minimum quantity of 3000 pieces.

What envelopes do we print on?

Depending on the size of the letterhead envelope, the paper has a grammage in the range of 75g to 90g. On special request, the printing house also provides envelopes with increased grammage, e.g. 120g. If you require non-standard company envelopes, please contact the printing house to check their availability.

What method of closing are the offered company envelopes?

Company envelopes are delivered with a strip securing the glue , after breaking the strip, the envelope is stuck together. We do not print self-adhesive envelopes without a security strip.

Addressing and personalization of company envelopes

Addressing (personalization) of printed envelopes is possible after delivery with the order for printing addressed envelopes of the XLSX file with the addressees' data included. Personal data of the addressees should be placed in the xlsx file in separate lines, adding subsequent columns to individual address data.

Description of columns with personal data in the XLSX file

  • A - Company name
  • B - Name and surname
  • C - Street
  • D - Postal code and city
  • E - Country

Individual data will be printed in a column on the envelopes.

If you have additional questions, please contact the printing house, tel. 91 852 22 22

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