• Choose format / type of the product
Comparison of the back of the offer files
Clasp of the offer folder is safe and easy to fold
each offer folder (apart from the model with an elastic band) has a place for placing a business card 90x50 or 85x55 mm
The capacity of the briefcase depends on the width of its ridge (1 or 5 mm) and will hold about 15 or 50 sheets
The offer folder with elastic band has a scalable ridge from 1 to 20 mm thanks to which it will hold up to 200 sheets
The offer folder with an elastic band allows you to block the sash making it impossible to drop documents

Portfolio with logo

Offering folders are irreplaceable when presenting trade offers.

To print the offer files, a project in PDF format should be provided in a size compatible with the mock-up of the product ordered.

The mock-up for the project and its description are available on the product configurator's page. In case you do not have your own design, you can order it in our printing house.

The time needed to implement the project is added to the term given in the product configurator.

In the permanent offer you can choose from many types of offer files differing in the width of the ridge from 1 to 20 mm which has a direct impact on the capacity of the portfolio. Briefcases also differ in the number of wings (2-3) and the number of pages. There are also two folders with an eraser to prevent the folder from opening. As a standard, each offer folder in addition to the eraser version has a place for a business card 85x55 or 90x50 mm.

The offer files are printed in a full-color Euroscala CMYK palette on matte chalk paper with a weight of 350 g and a thickness of 0.34 mm. Optionally, the print can be made using special colors from the Pantone palette .

When ordering files, it is worth considering refining . Available on the offer sheets, the refining forms are: laminating with matte foil / with gloss / soft touch and UV selective varnishing
In order to obtain an exclusive effect, we recommend a combination with the use of matte foil + a selection of UV gloss varnish - click to see the effect.