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Personalized cardboard receipt case for restaurants. Personalized cardboard receipt case for restaurants.
Open personalized cardboard case for a receipt, aesthetic and practical form. Open personalized cardboard case for a receipt, aesthetic and practical form.

Cover and Cardboard Case for a Receipt for a Restaurant


In today's competitive world of catering, details are of the utmost importance. One of the elements that may influence customers' perception of the premises is the way in which the receipt is given. An appropriate cover and cardboard case can not only protect the receipt, but also increase the prestige of the premises and become an element building its image.

Advantages of using a cover and a cardboard case

1. Protection and durability

The main function of the cover and cardboard case is to protect the receipt against damage. In catering establishments, where contact with moisture and dirt is frequent, this solution prevents the receipt from being destroyed, which is particularly important in the case of complaints or returns.

2. Aesthetics and elegance

The cardboard case for the receipt is also an aesthetic element. An elegant, well-designed cover can emphasize the class of the premises and make the customer feel more appreciated. This is a small but significant detail that can positively impact the overall impression of your visit.

3. Personalization and advertising

The cardboard receipt case allows for personalization. You can put the restaurant's logo, motto, contact information or even a short advertising message on it. Thanks to this, the case also becomes a marketing medium that reminds the customer about the premises even after the visit.

4. Ecology

Using a cardboard case is a step towards ecology. Cardboard is a biodegradable material that can be easily recycled. In the era of growing ecological awareness, such a solution may attract customers who pay attention to the environmental aspect of the premises' operations.

Application examples

Restaurants and cafes

An elegant receipt cover is perfect for restaurants and cafes, where every detail counts. A personalized case with the restaurant's logo can become a subtle but effective marketing tool.

Bars and pubs

In bars and pubs, where the atmosphere is often less formal, cardboard cases can be colorful and fun, referring to the character of the place. This is a great way to stand out and be remembered by customers.

Catering and food trucks

For catering companies and food trucks that often serve takeaway customers, a cardboard receipt case is a practical and aesthetic solution that helps maintain order and take care of the brand image.


A cardboard cover and case for a receipt is a simple but effective way to improve the quality of service in restaurants. They protect the receipt, add elegance, enable personalization and promote ecology. It is worth investing in such a solution to stand out on the market and build positive customer experiences.

Personalized Hotel Card Case: Elegance and Functionality in One

Nowadays, first impressions are crucial, especially in the hotel industry. Every detail influences the guests' experience, and one of the most important elements of their experience is the room access card. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that it is presented in an aesthetic and professional manner. The ideal solution is personalized hotel card cases, which offer a number of benefits for both guests and the facility itself.

An aesthetic form of delivering an Access Card

A personalized case provides an aesthetic form of providing the access card with instructions and contact details. Immediately after check-in, guests receive a card in an elegant package that impresses with its attention to detail. Additional space for instructions allows you to quickly become familiar with the most important information regarding the use of the card and the facility.

Protection and Functionality

The case protects the card against premature destruction, protecting it from scratches, dirt and other mechanical damage. Thanks to this, access cards remain intact for longer, which translates into lower replacement costs.

Professional Image of the Facility

Personalized cases are also an excellent form of promotion and brand building. Each case can be designed in a way that reflects the visual identification of the facility - the hotel logo, colors and additional graphic elements emphasize the unique character of the place. Such attention to detail influences the perception of the hotel as professional and concerned about the comfort of its guests.

Easy and Quick Replacement

In case of damage, we can quickly replace the cheap case and deliver the card to the next customer in a professional form. This flexible solution allows you to maintain a high standard of service, regardless of the circumstances. Guests will appreciate the quick action and attention to their comfort, which will certainly affect their overall satisfaction with their stay.

Positive Reception by Customers

A personalized hotel card case influences the positive perception of the facility by customers. The aesthetic and functional packaging of the access card proves that the hotel cares about every aspect of its guests' stay. This, in turn, builds loyalty and encourages people to return and recommend the facility to others.


A personalized hotel card case is not only a practical solution, but also a way to increase the prestige and image of the facility. They ensure aesthetic and professional delivery of access cards, protect them against damage and enable easy replacement if necessary. They have a positive impact on customers' perception of the hotel, emphasizing attention to detail and high quality of service. Thanks to this, the hotel can stand out from the competition and provide guests with a unique experience from the very beginning of their stay.

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