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Binder with company print. Matte laminated surface. Binder with company print. Matte laminated surface.
Company binder visible inside. D4 fitting, white endpaper. Company binder visible inside. D4 fitting, white endpaper.
Binder with company print, matte laminate, D4 fitting Binder with company print, matte laminate, D4 fitting
Binders with company print, nickel-plated fittings, D-shaped. Binders with company print, nickel-plated fittings, D-shaped.
Company binder with a pocket on the spine Company binder with a pocket on the spine
Company binder with gray printed endpapers. Mechanism with lever. Company binder with gray printed endpapers. Mechanism with lever.

Promotional binders

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Corporate Promotional Binders are a key element in organizing documentation in many companies. Their functionality and the ability to personalize them make them an indispensable tool in daily office work and marketing activities.

Document Storage

Corporate binders are used to store a wide range of documents such as invoices, contracts, reports, and presentations. They help maintain order in documentation, making it much easier to quickly find the necessary information. Internal dividers and labels allow for further organization, which is especially important in companies where the flow of documents is intensive.

Easy Content Exchange

One of the key advantages of binders is their modular design, which allows for easy content exchange. Thanks to ring mechanisms, users can quickly add, remove, or rearrange documents without the need for a complete reorganization. This makes binders extremely flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of the company.

Customer Personalization

Corporate promotional binders are also an excellent marketing tool. They can be personalized by printing the logo, company name, and by using unique colors and patterns consistent with the brand’s visual identity. Such personalization not only strengthens the company's image but also allows for the delivery of materials tailored precisely to the clients' needs. For example, binders can contain dedicated offers, product specifications, or user manuals, which increases the value of the provided materials and emphasizes the company's professionalism.

Long-Term Benefits

Investing in corporate promotional binders brings long-term benefits. Besides the immediate improvement in document organization and professional appearance, binders also enhance work efficiency. Employees can manage documents faster and more efficiently, which translates into time savings and a reduction in operational costs. Additionally, the quality and aesthetics of the binders influence the perception of the company by clients and business partners, building positive relationships and loyalty.

In summary, corporate promotional binders are not only a practical tool for storing documents but also an effective element of marketing and organizational strategy. Their use contributes to increased efficiency, improved company image, and better tailoring of the offer to the individual needs of clients.

Binder graphic design

If you do not have a ready-made design for your corporate promotional binder, our studio can create an appropriate graphic design for you for an additional fee, offering expert knowledge and practical experience. If necessary, we will take and/or retouch photos. Good graphic design is the foundation of success in advertising.

Binder sizes

We produce corporate promotional binders for A4 format documents. The size differences lie in the width of the spine, ranging from 3 cm to 7 cm. The type of handle used is directly related to the spine width, for example, lever mechanisms are only available in binders with a 7 cm spine width.

How we produce binders?

Our corporate promotional binders are characterized by uncompromising print quality and meticulous, clean execution. We produce corporate binders from 2 mm thick solid cardboard, which ensures high rigidity and safety for the materials stored in the binder. The cardboard is covered (laminated) with printed and foiled paper veneer.

How we print binders?

We print corporate promotional binders using offset technology in the Euroscale CMYK or Pantone palette on an offset machine, ensuring the highest print quality. The printed veneer sheets are then subjected to finishing processes.

Binder finishing

Corporate promotional binders are obligatorily laminated. The following film finishes are available:

  • Glossy
  • Matte
  • Matte anti-scratch
  • Matte soft-touch

Additionally, for finishes other than glossy, we can add the following special effects selectively applied, e.g., on the logo, text, or photo:

  • Glossy UV varnish
  • Glossy raised UV varnish
  • Gilding (hot stamping)
  • Silvering (hot stamping)

For these solutions, an additional mask must be provided in the form of a page containing only the decorated elements, such as the logo, frame, or text, in black.

Binder accessories

Corporate promotional binders can be equipped with spine pockets, as well as pockets for CDs and business cards.

Binder interior

The interior can be finished in three ways:

  • White veneer - no printing
  • Printed veneer in any color + laminate
  • Printed veneer + laminate

Mechanisms used in corporate binders

We equip corporate promotional binders with various holding mechanisms, such as:

  • D-shaped double and quadruple
  • Round double and quadruple
  • Rectangular double and quadruple
  • Lever
  • SuperRib D
  • SuperRib R

These stylish nickel-plated mechanisms are mounted with metal rivets.

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