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Journal printout Journal printout
Journal printout Journal printout

Printing of magazines, newspapers

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Designer Printing House will provide you with comprehensive service in the field of printing magazines.

What do we offer in magazine printing?

We have a fully equipped park of machines for high-quality full-format offset printing. We guarantee punctuality in printing magazines, and in exceptional situations - e.g. delays in the composition on the client's side, we always try to make up for lost time and meet the necessary release date. You can evaluate the printout of the magazine yourself at any time using our website by clicking on the automatic magazine printing price list online. For interested customers, we can provide examples of work already completed in order to verify the quality of their performance. If you have any questions, please contact our service office.

How to prepare a project for printing a magazine?

For printing the newspaper, a PDF X3 file should be provided, containing all the pages of the magazine in the correct order, including the cover.

What substrates do we use when printing magazines?

For printing magazines, we offer various types of papers, popular matte or glossy chalked papers and bulky papers that allow you to save on the weight of the paper and the cost of newspaper printing with the same sheet thickness.

The standard paper in the offer for printing the interior of the newspaper is a wood matt coated paper with a weight of 65g.

This paper is characterized by very good parameters, such as:

  • low transparency (similar to standard 130g chalked paper)
  • thickness of 75 microns thanks to technological loosening vol. 1.14
  • low basis weight 65 which has a beneficial effect on the weight of the newspaper.

How do we print magazines?

We print magazines in offset technology in color or black on a full-size Heidelberg Speedmaster offset press, ensuring excellent quality and color repeatability.

What magazine formats do we print?

We offer printing of magazines in popular sizes: A5, B5, A4, B4, with the possibility of making other sizes at the client's special request.

What refinements do we use in magazine printing?

We recommend a protective varnish on the covers of printed magazines for better scratch resistance. Exclusive editions can also be secured with foil laminate and decorated with selective varnish.

What bindings do we use in magazine printing?

The available bindings for printed newspapers are:

  • sewn binding - available for volumes <60 pages
  • Perfect binding - available for volumes> 60 pages

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