Print run

The necessary print run should be selected from the list. In the absence of the required effort in the selection list, please select the higher available. Individual calculations are made only for expenditures larger than those included in the price list.

Next to the choice of input, there is information about the unit of measure used for the product. There may be various units of measurement such as:

  • art
  • running centimeter
  • square centimeter
  • running meter
  • square meter
  • set
  • e.t.c.

Note: We reserve the right to slight differences between the ordered and printed edition.

Due to the complex technology of the offset printing process, the ordered expenditures always differ from the target ones. In 99% of cases, the effort received exceeds the ordered effort by several or even a click. In rare cases, there may be situations in which the ordered effort has not been obtained and there are deficiencies. If the deficiencies of the effort received compared to the ordered do not exceed 2.5%, the complaint will not be accepted and we will not give any additional discounts.

the above note does not apply to expensive individual products such as calendars, binders for which the unit price is several PLN. Drukarnia Online